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Special Purpose Coating

With an established track record since 1997, Envirotec Controls is known for its innovative process to ensure quality, consistency, and safety for our valued clients and staff.


Special Purpose Coating

We are proud to have an active Regional Strategic Partnership with two of the world's leading coating providers for personal protection in thermal insulation and sound control.


Learn more below. 

Thermal Insulation


Thermal Insulation

Heat Transfer & its importance


Heat Transfer is the generation, use, conversion, and exchange of thermal energy between physical systems.

Certain processes require heat to achieve maximum productivity. However, excessive heat may cause safety concerns. If left unchecked, this can lead to reduced efficiency and even complete failure and hazards in the working area.

Thermal Insulation Coating

Spray-applied insulating & highly reflective coating for all purposes and surfaces. Improving equipment aesthetics while protecting substrates, safeguarding contents, and preventing corrosion. 

How does it work?​

Air-encapsulating particles in a variety of shapes do not allow for a straight line through the coating in which heat could pass efficiently.


This high content of entrapped and stagnant air in a thin coating greatly reduces thermal transfer.

Reducing the heat transfer will result in higher temperatures exposed to convective loss due to air flow over the uncoated side of the substrate.


This will result in less radiated heat transferring through the coated substrate.

Coating's bright white color reflects a great deal of the sun's UV rays, reducing the amount of heat gained from the sun.


Combination of these factors allows for excellent thermal dissipation across the surface of the coating.

  • Provides excellent solar reflection

  • Adheres to most substrates

  • Prevent CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation)

  • Provides substrate protection

  • Increases efficiency a saves energy

  • Rapid application procedure reduces man-hours necessary for installation compared to conventional insulation

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Class A Fire Rating

  • Environmentally friendly

Tested to ASTM standards and exceeds most criteria for weather-ability, adhesion, flexibility, and UV resistance.

Accepted for LEED Certification Points

Sound Control


Sound Control

Noise (Vibration) at the Workplace

Vibration noise is mechanical energy carried through a physical structure in a waveform. Vibrations are generated by a wide array of natural and man-made sources. The behaviour of vibrations is heavily influenced by the structures through which they travel and their material characteristics.

All equipment causes vibrations (noise) that can transmit throughout a vessel or housing.

This noise is not only dangerous to personnel (i.e. noise-induced deafness) but can also cause staff to become less productive due to discomfort.

Solution: Sound Control Protective Coating


Spray-applied coating is specifically designed to provide effective, long-lasting vibration and noise reduction caused by metal structural translation for all surfaces.

  • Designed to deaden noise caused by metal structural translation effectively

  • Minimises loud vibration due to structural translation and mechanical output, which significantly increases safety and ensures vessel comfort for crew and passengers

  • Newest version of Sound Control-dB (MSC-dB4) in 2021 - Drastically improved sound damping characteristics, especially under 300 Hz, and higher application film builds. This results in better performance and quicker application times.

  • Offers best damping to thickness ratio of any sound damping coating in the market


The following graphs show the non-coated version of the bell vs. the coated bell. The relationship of the graph is decibels (dB) on the “Y” axis (vertical area) and time of the vibration or sound on the “X” axis (horizontal area).

dB Panel Testing
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dB Panel Testing

Panel Strike Comparison of a 1/8" stainless steel panel uncoated and coated with 60 mils of Mascoat Sound Control-dB.

  • Increased reduction of structure-borne noise and vibrations

  • Increase interior & exterior comfort

  • Easy application and repairable if needed

  • Water-based formulation contains no toxic ingredients

  • Saves installation time compared to sound damping tiles; Lightweight compared to damping tiles

  • Coating lasts for years without maintenance and reduces annual repair expenditures for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)

Only sound damping coating with Multiple Type Approvals

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